Katya Rivas (Catalina)

The Great Crusade of Love


Jesus Our Lord, in his infinite mercy, chose this woman among all the other women of the world to become His secretary.

In these hectic times when wars and problems of humanity are not resolved because of materialism, there are still in the world people willing to give their life to Jesus.  Katya offered herself as a victim soul to help the Lord to save souls, with a deep desire to follow in His footsteps.

The only merit for her before her brothers and sisters of the world is to have simply given her heart to Jesus when He knocked at her door and asked to come in.  She responded affirmatively without any condition.

Katya has lived in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia for a long time;  this is where she began hearing messages from the Most Holy Victim Mary and Jesus.  Those messages are always about the love of God for men and to invite them to return to their Church, to come back to the sacraments, to say the Rosary and to do charity work.  Jesus is looking for support from His children to spread across nations this mission which He calls:  The Great Crusade of Love.

Katya bears also the Lords scars.  Sometimes, the wounds in the hands and feet are seen, but the suffers from the same wounds every Friday in the same manner.  It is the opinion of scientists that Katyas experiences are authentic and are visible proof of the presence of Jesus in her.  The Lord has asked her to spread His messages across the world.  In the last few years, she has travelled a lot and, even more, she keeps writing in book form the messages given to her by Jesus and His Mother, the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

Luckily for us, we have the opportunity to know Katya and her messages and are privileged to feel the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ near by.  He calls us to experience His Love and be a witness in todays world.

Alejandra Escandon


New Evangelization Apostolate (N.E.A.)

 This Apostolate is the answer to the invitation made by the Holy Father John-Paul II, an answer accompanying the assumed responsibility of our Baptism.  It acquires its actual form, fruit of the VI th Bolivian Marial Eucharistic Assembly in Bolivia October 1977.  A group of lay people welcomed the call given by the local Archbishop, Most Rev. Rene Fernandez Apaza, to really assume our christian commitment.

 The group organized itself and the people began working together;  the seed has started to produce many fruit.  In less than three years, the group is spread over five continents and continues to settle itself in 16 countries.  Everyone is surprised.  Everywhere, the doors are open and now, we understand why.  This was exactly what we expected from committed lay people who go throughout the world speaking of God, bearing his Word and giving an example in their life.

 The Apostolate of the New Evangelization is composed of bishops, priests and spiritual guides, but the movement remains a laymens movement by nature, trained by brothers of all races and conditions who have said yes with enthusiasm to the new and renewed works spoken by the Holy Father, a pilgrim above all of excellence for evangelization.  This is the moment for lay people to present the value of eternal goods, meaning, the true reasons for which we have been created and saved, solely by the great love of Our God, Father of all humanity.  The source of this action, is the conviction that, as sons of God, we must take care of the Fathers affairs.  Also, this Apostolate is strengthened by prayer and each others offering, day and night, filled with faith and confident in the grace of God.

 The Apostolate of the New Evangelization does not need a large movement;  it arouses a personal and authentic response which desires a renewal of the New Alliance;  it is rather an invitation to those who would like to remain at the foot of the cross and embrace it with the feeling of uniting themselves to the great gift of Our God.  The Apostolate is aware that after Jesus, nothing is more precious and sweet than Our Mother Mary where the Apostolate finds a refuge, because where could we be more welcomed, consoled and filed with joy if not with Her, the star of the new Evangelization (Speech of the Holy Father in Mexico January 28th, 1999).

The Crusade is proposing, consequently, a style of life referring constantly to a union between humanity and the divinity and encouraging in each person, the glorification of the Father.  Since all christian actions are reflected in the mystic body, likewise, each ones action, in favor of Jesus Words and Messages, becomes then the inheritance of all.  Spreading the Word of God reveals a great love for Him and God is not unconcerned for the brothers who are so much in need of his mercy.

 The Apostolate of the New Evangelization is already active in the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Bresil, Bolivia, Colombia, Corea, Equator, United States, Egypt, Spain, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.  But we hope to be known everywhere in the world, spreading the love of Jesus and in this manner, a difference in the world will be felt.  A christian with christian convictions expects promises of hope and charity, knowing that it is a great responsibility to live today a life which is an example at all times.

 We deplore often the social injustice and this is necessary, but we deplore still more the spiritual injustices commited by so many omissions, lack of commitment and lack of christian charity.  The duty of each christian is to become the salt of the earth and to bring light where there is darkness.

Alejandra Escandon

Extract from Katya Rivas (Catalina) Conference

given in Sherbrooke December 3rd, 2000



 One day, we were united in prayer, the Holy Virgin said:  It is enough, I do not want you to pray like that.  I want you to pray with your heart.  We were asking ourselves what She meant by praying with your heart.  She said: I will show you.  Be aware that the Rosary is a Christological prayer.  I would like you to direct your prayers towards God.  Sometimes, you speak so fast that you do not even know what you are saying.  The first thing that I want to show you is to teach you how to meditate the mysteries of the Rosary.  For example, the Joyful Mysteries:  For God, there is not time, no distance.  Close your eyes and concentrate.  Do as if you were at the time of the Annunciation.

 Mary said:  I was like a teenager with no living parents;  I was practically alone.  Suddenly an angel appeared to Me.  If an angel was to appear in front of you and said:  You will give birth through the power of God.  What would be your answer?  I will think about it?  I must know what Joseph will say?  I must consult someone?  If I am to be married soon, what will society think?  And the Virgin added:  I was living only in the Divine Will, I was living only in Faith and also at a given moment, I believe to have understood this responsibility while meditating so many times and wishing, as all other teenagers did, to know the one who would become the Mother of God.  And I said yes;  this yes contained such an immense responsibility!  When I began feeling the palpitations of Jesus Little Heart within Me, I Knew that My Son was in My bosom.

In your meditation, ask Him to take away this distance, this absence, to let you be there in my bosom;  do as if you were there, listening to My heart and the heart of God.  Ask Him for much more Love.  Make it so that His Heart infects you, and ask Him to infect you with His Purity.

She kept on saying the same with all the Mysteries.  When She mentioned the Sorrowful Mysteries, She said:  Just imagine that you are in the Garden of Olives with My Son.  He was alone, his disciples were asleep.  He, who was without blemishes, had to carry all the sins of the flesh, your flesh, so He could offer Himself to His Father as being pure.  He, who was honest, had to accept the life of all the thieves so He could offer Himself to his Father as being pure.  In His sufferings, He saw the sins of each of us and it was terribly difficult for Him to bear all this suffering as far as sweating from all the pores of his body.  Do as if you were there with Him.  Act as if you were little creatures, little ants and tell Him:  Jesus, you are not alone, I will accompany You;  I want to be with You in Your sufferings, I want to give You this hour of suffering by uniting myself with Your sufferings, I want to ask forgiveness for all sins and I promise to try to improve myself.

When you speak among yourselves, you are calm, so that the other person can understand what you are trying to say.  Then, why do you talk to Me like I was an inferior person?  When you say:  Hail I salute You, Mary, I am there.  And you start speeding up in your prayer.  I do not understand anything.  How can I bring this prayer in front of the Great Saint.  This is My mission when your are saying the Rosary.  I prefer less time in prayer, less quantity, but more quality.  Learn what praying with the heart means.  It is better to pray only one mystery each day, but in an absolute unity which will take you to God.

 This is the way I learned many things until, at a given moment, November 20th, a few months after the Virgin had begun to prepare me, the Lord came and spoke to me.  It is something that you cannot imagine.  Even though the voice of the Holy Virgin was filling me with such sweetness I do not listen with my ears except when She appears to me, but it is in my heart where my thoughts do not intervene.  The priest was able to confirm many times at that moment that there is no connection between my thoughts and my heart.  However, listening to the voice of God, so virile, but so tender at the same time, is as if someone would place his hand on a 200 volts power line.  The energy received at that moment of contact is like someone receiving a ice container thrown at him.  When He begins to speak, one is invaded by an infinite peace.

 That night, I asked Him since there were in our group people of higher state of holiness, people who had never ceased to receive Holy Communion since their first Communion, excellent family mothers who were teaching their children in the true faith, and I, the last one to have integrated the group and the black sheep who was trying to force myself along the same way I said to Him:  Why did You choose me, why did you teach me?  Inside myself, I thought:  The best is coming, he will say without a doubt that I am a good person, the best when praying, the most faithful;  I was preparing myself to hear beautiful words.  Jesus said:  If I had found a poorer person, more in need and more miserable than you, I would have chosen her.  He said that to show me and teach me for ever that, if in this world there is something for us, all is free, all are gifts from God, that we have no merit at all.

There has never been a time of grace and mercy as such in this world.  In fact, it is a very hard era and humanity is confused, worried and in total ignorance.  What does Matthew say in the Bible?  I say it in my own words:  The Word of God will not pass away.  You can look through history and through time, one will find that all is being accomplished as predicted.

The Mass

 One day, the Virgin said:  Today is a day of learning.  I do not know why, but every site we go to for a conference, I am being asked to talk about the Mass.  I prepared myself to talk about other things but they keep asking me:  Do not forget to talk about the Mass.  This is what we call Doing Gods Will.  Before all, I want to tell you that the most beautiful moment for each one of us, is always the present moment.  We must live it fully, with all the fullness of the Love of God;  in this way, our life will marvelous and will be like a crystal formed with millions of moments of intimacy with God.  I believe that this moment is a very special one because, for us, when we live this moment, it is always a special moment.

 In a vision, the Virgin explained everything that happens during the Mass.  She gave us this teaching so that we may live each Mass with a great piety and participation.

Penitential prayers

 During the penitential prayers, the Virgin said: Ask with all your heart for the forgiveness of your sins, of all your sins, so you may become worthy to partake in this Mass;  sins and mistakes prevent participation in the Miracle of Miracles.  I said to myself:  I just went to the sacrament of forgiveness yesterday, I am worthy then.  The Holy Virgin responded:  You think that you are without sin?  I will show you something:

- When you came out of your house to come to Mass, the woman who helped you at home came to you to ask for something;  because you were late, you answered her in a sharp manner and in bad terms;  do not forget that she is a person who serves you in a humble manner.  You lacked kindness.  Do you still believe that this did not offend God?

- On the way to church, a bus cut you off (there could have been an accident).  You completed the rest of the way while snapping at this man in your mind:  You do not watch what you are doing, you are blind, etc

- You arrive at the church at the last moment, the priest was going to the altar.  You never had time to prepare yourself.  How can you arrive for Mass at the last moment without any preparation and without asking the Holy Spirit to give you peace and love in your heart?  Ask your guardian angel to accompany you during the Mass and ask God to give you the best possible fruits.  And you say that you did not offend God?

I answered Her:  Thats enough, I do not want to hear anymore.  I understood how many times a day we are hurting God;  and we call that little sins.  Yes, we may call them venial sins or a lie, but the Lord says:  There are no pious lies.  A lie is a lie and you come to Mass to receive God with all these venial sins.  One must have a strong intention not to sin again before receiving Communion.  Be aware that all these little blemishes united together make a big blemish.  Remember this:  many people are in hell and others must remain in Purgatory because they never ask forgiveness for their little sins, because these little sins have been transformed into a large blemish.

 There, I really was afraid and I asked God for forgiveness.  I asked Him to help improving myself.

Liturgy of the Word of God

 The Virgin said:  Careful now, be attentive to the Gospel and the priests homily.  God says through the Gospel that nothing is ever said in vain, that it never comes back without giving fruit, except if we do not really want to listen, and if you are attentive, if you can savor daily the Words of God like a piece of candy, even though it is only a sentence, it can help you later on to edify your brothers and yourself.

 For a long while, I tried to read the Bible;  I would underline many things, but I have a weak memory and I do not reason very well;  it was then very difficult for me.  However since I started listening to the Words of God during the Mass and to ask God to give me His Spirit, I understand more and this serves very well in our evangelization.

The Offertory

Still during a vision, the time of the Offertory came at hand.  At that moment, beside each person there, I saw young people clothed in white, full of light, very beautiful beings.  I could not define their face, but their body was very similar to that of a man.  They placed themselves in rank, while approaching the altar.  Some had something in their hands like a plate which was shining a lot;  others had their arms straight down without anything in their hands;  many had their head lowered down with sadness in their face.  The Holy Virgin said:  Look, this is what is happening during the prayers of the Offertory;  these are the guardian angels of those present;  this is the moment to bring to the altar your offerings to God.  The merits of a Mass are infinite;  do not ask just for yourselves.

 - There are so many things which you can ask for:  conversion of your family, peace in the world, consecrated souls, children using drugs, etc.

 - There are so many things which you can pray for:  be generous in your requests for intercession.

 - You have so many things to offer:  your daily light crosses, your heavy crosses, your weekly work without complaining and in accomplishing it the best way possible;  a pain, a pain given to the Lord so He may use it;  a sickness hurting very badly, offer everything.

 What the Lord loves most is that you offer yourself to the Father and that you tell Him that you have no merit, that your offer yourself with His Son because the merits of His Passion are the only worthwhile to His eyes.  Say:  Father, if I offer everything united with the Passion of Jesus, I know that this offering will be agreeable to Your eyes, but the main thing, Lord, is that I place myself also on the paten so that you may mold me, transform me again, make me an host to give to others, just as Jesus does.  This is the offering which pleases the most to the Father.  Offer yourself.

Mary continued to explain the presence of the angels: The angels, those having something in their hands, are those bringing your offering to the altar of God;  those with their arms falling are those participating in the Mass;  they are asking things but are offering nothing;  they have no idea of the value of their actions;  those with a sad face personify the ones who, even though they are here, have their mind elsewhere, some with unchaste thoughts, others are distracted by their own concerns;  so, the angels approach the altar shamefully while offering themselves to ask God forgiveness for you.  Are you aware now of all the things that we do not know?

The Consecration

 The Consecration is really beautiful.  In a vision, all of a sudden, the church walls disappeared, there was no roof, we could only see the priest at the altar.  When we started saying: Holy, Holy, Holy, to the left side of the priest, there were millions of angels looking like marvelous beings, singing, kneeling, with their hands together and repeating:  Holy, Holy, Holy;  they were bowing down in deep worship; behind the priest, there were an infinite number of saints, a multitude of blessed souls; in front of the altar, a large gray spot, moving shades.  The Holy Virgin said: those are the souls from Purgatory, waiting for prayers from you to cool them down and to bring them sooner to Heaven.  They can make requests for you but cannot help themselves. To the right of the priest, approximately 30 to 40 centimeters from the ground, wrapped in a white soft cloth, the Holy Virgin was kneeling, hands joined together, listening to the priest with attention.  She held this position during the entire Mass, hoping to get from us a movement of worship during the Consecration.  She looked back, looked at me and said:  I am more present at Mass than at all apparitions.  There are people travelling hundreds of kilometers to get to a place of apparition to receive graces.  It is not bad, but, during each mass, all Heaven is there and people do not come.  People going on a pilgrimage cannot come to this place every day.

 Then, the priest started to raise the Host and two hands approached (like that).  In those hands, there were two keys full of light spreading through the people attending. All of a sudden, the priests clothing became the same shade, but more brilliant.  I looked at the face of the priest.  With so much light, I could not see him and neither could I see his face.  I realized finally that it was not the priest but Jesus Himself, as if the priest was inside the body of Jesus.  At the same time, a light in the shape of a triangle was showing others hands with much light, preventing me from seeing their face;  from this light came out a very bright dove, it flew around the altar and landed on the priests shoulder in this case Jesus -- and I saw Jesus crucified, His head, His waist, His painful face, full of blood, dying.

 At the same moment, the priest raised the chalice and something very light came out of His side, like blood and water, but it was not mixed together, and it began to flow in the chalice.  It was flowing at such a rate that I said to myself:  it will overflow at the end.  How can that be, Jesus is the priest, but Jesus is also in the host and the chalice and therefore, those hands that I see higher up, must surely be the Fathers hands?  It is during this moment that we think about a lot of things.  The Holy Virgin said: Heaven is really down on this earth.  You have the whole Heaven right here.  Do you realize why we say that it is the Miracle of all Miracles?  With what you just saw here, I will make you see something else now.  There is no time, no distance for God and His Love for us makes it so that the whole assembly at this moment is moved to the Calvary.  It is for this reason that I saw Heaven, that I saw lightning, that I heard thunder, that I saw only Heaven completely obscure with this bright light.

The first time I went to the Holy Lands I went up to the Calvary and I said to myself:  If everyone would realize that we are all present at each Mass and that at that moment, the true Miracle is happening and repeats itself during the Eucharist.

Our Father

 The vision continues.  The Holy Mass continues and, during the Our Father, when the priest asks everyone to give each other the sign of the peace, the Lord said: Bring in front of you, heart to heart, the persons who have hurt you the most in your life;  embrace them with all your heart and says:  Brother may the peace of God be with you;  in the name of Jesus, I forgive you and ask them for your forgiveness.

 This is the only way to recover peace and joy, to be a witness of that peace in this world where peace does not exist.  This is a wonderful experience;  it is like if we took away a heavy burden, because, in the presence of God, we had the opportunity to forgive all these people whom, sometimes, it was very difficult to forgive.


 Still during a vision, at the time of Communion, a lady came out of her seat to receive the Holy Communion.  The Lord said to me:  Wait a little, observe.  I looked at her then.  She had gone to Confession this same morning and at the moment when the priest gave her the Host, a light passed through her;  at first, it was a little dot of light which transformed itself right away into a big light;  her whole back and shoulders were covered with this white and golden light.  When she returned to her seat, her chest, her whole self was full of this light.  Jesus said:  Observe, this is the way to please Me.  When I go into a soul, I take her in my arms because she has a clean heart.  This is what we all are lacking because we are afraid to receive one of the greatest sacraments that the Lord has given, that is:  the sacrament of reconciliation.

 He also showed me a woman kneeled in front of me;  I began to listen to what she was thinking (through the Lords graces).  She was praying this way:  Lord, make my husband stop drinking once and for all;  remember that we are at the end of the month, that we have to pay for the childrens schooling, I must pay the rent, the electricity, the water and, this month, I have very little money;  my daughter will fail her school year, help her one way or another;  cure the little cat;  and this neighbor who is bothering me so much, that she let me live in peace once and for all or that she move out of her house;  and it was a litany of these requests  After that, the priest said:  Let us pray.  We stood up and with a sad tone Jesus said:  Do you realize that this woman never said once that she loved Me, never asked the gift of blessing her heart, never asked to unite my Divinity with her humility so she may come up to my Divinity.

 I asked forgiveness to God for this lady and for all the times I omitted to tell Him that I love Him;  I asked forgiveness for so many Communions when I never thanked Him to belong to the true Church of Christ;  I thanked Him for the grace of taking part in the Mass and for all the times when I never thanked Him for coming into my heart.  This is what hurts Him the most.

 The Lord mentioned something else, something hurting Him deeply:  it is the people receiving communion every day but who make communion a habit, a routine thing, one more thing like getting dressed, washing oneself, receiving Me and that is all.  They do not make the effort to discover Me, to find Me, to discover a new way to edify themselves.

 Do not make your communion a routine action.  I am the Beggar of Love and I ask love from people.  It is not true that I do not need love.  I need love from my children.  I know everything that is happening to you, but I love it when you bring Me your problems.  Man today has his whole life organized:  from such an hour to such an hour for work, the same for eating; on another day, a public holiday to meet with friends, to visit a grandmother;  a daughter wishes to go for a walk;  summer holidays are planned, etc

 How many families, would once a week or once a month say:  Today, this is the day to make a visit to the church, spend an hour, a day in his presence, in silence, to relate his own things, to thank Him for all that He is giving us, to ask Him the monthly needs, to pray Him so we do not lack anything and to deliver us from evil?

 It happened to me once during a holy hour, in addition to telling Him:  Lord, I love you (because I could tell Him anything else) to pray and to implore Him to give me His Spirit, to give me the gift of prayer so I may tell Him other things.  The Lord told me:  Even if you spend two hours in My presence repeating:  Jesus I love you, I want to do Your Will, that is sufficient and easy.  Ill take care of all what is left.

The Blessing

 At the time of the Blessing, Jesus said:  Wait a moment;  when the priest has given the blessing, remain a little with Me.  It is false to believe that I am with you for only 15 minutes.  You arrive for Mass at the last moment, you are the first to leave and run.  You are the one abandoning Me, I remain within you all the time that you want to remain with Me and if, during the day, one repeats a word, a little prayer, and that you make it the center of your life, I will stay with you, and not only during the reception of the Host.

 Blessing time came up, the Holy Virgin spoke and said:  Beware, this might be your last blessing from a priest;  you do not know that while leaving the church, something could happen to you.  Receive it conscientiously and with respect because the priest will give you the blessing in the name of the Holy Trinity.


I want you to be aware of one thing.  At the last Supper, Jesus lived the most profound intimacy with His apostles.  During this hour of love, He established the greatest invention of Love:  the sacrament of Eucharist.  In it, by it, Jesus gives us everything.  He said:  I am the Holy Mass and I am waiting for you.  I live in all your tabernacles.  This is the place to meet Him, to receive necessary strength to convince our brothers, to regain the faith and to confront persecutions.  This is the Truth.  There is no other way to go to God;  a way without persecution or suffering does not exist.


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Eleven books were written to this day, six of which are available in French and four in English:

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