The experience of this knowledge is such that Christina finds it flows spontaneously. She does not have to consider it: it is part of her awareness as if she knew it all along. It is first transmitted when she is 'taken over the by Light', or struck by what is a bolt of light. Christina is permitted to 'pour forth' this knowledge when stimulated by a question on spirituality or theology posed by a priest or, indeed, any person. For example, when asked about the reason why certain prayers made to the saints are answered and others not, she replies that "the saints through whom we pray, see us through the Spirit of God. They see, therefore, the soul rather than the body of each of us. They see what afflicts the soul. They will see our anguish of heart in so far as it registers in our soul and they will know if it is a suffering borne through the flesh for the glory of God or if it is a wound inflicted by sin. Then they will intercede through the Spirit of God for an outpouring of grace to heal the wound inflicted by sin, through the appropriate means of reconciliation with God. This is achieved by God's endless mercy in the outpouring of His grace. For example, Jesus in sending such an outpouring of grace, may release the thread of that person's soul to be renewed through a victim soul's and thus led to conversion. When the soul afflicted by sin responds, it can be led to a level in life where it will later mature and be a means in its own turn of uniting with Christ the Ransom, for other souls. God who in love, desires to draw all to Himself in the Mystical Body of His Son would expect the newly converted soul to respond out of love and contribute through suffering to the salvation of others as well as to its own. The redeemed in heaven, therefore, as well as the souls in Purgatory can be of great value to the souls still on earth by interceding through the Spirit of God on their behalf."

Like an Image of God

     "Some souls by their response to grace can be like an image of the Son of God but the more endurance the soul has taken on through the grace, love and mercy of God in union with the Holy Spirit, the more the image of Jesus deepens from a reflection to an imprint in that person's soul. So the deeper the infliction on the soul through the endurance of the flesh reducing itself to allow the Spirit of God to grow in the soul, the more the Light and the Spirit of God are at work to transform that soul. Thus the image of God deepens to an imprint. The more we respond to the Wisdom of God and the more we obey the Will of God the more grace we receive. When the Father gazes upon such a soul He will see the imprint of light through which He can recognize His own Son. Hence, when Padre Pio speaks of the Sacred Face being our 'ticket to heaven' he means that if we pray to the Holy Face of Jesus we will be praying for the merits of the Holy Face of Jesus in order that we may receive the Wisdom of God and respond to the Will of God and so become an entire reflection of Jesus before the Father."

Responding to the Grace of God

     "In responding to God's grace, so much depends on the heart. All is won or lost through desire, the desire of the heart. This is because the heart exercises such a power over the will through desire.
     "The process begins with a thought. It can be fleeting or lasting depending on whether we dismiss it or dwell on it. Dwelt upon, it can become a desire. When we have a good desire and act on it we receive God's Spirit in grace. A bad desire can lead the flesh and the flesh can lead the person into sin and then even to damnation. Because the flesh is weak, the will can dominate the flesh and this is why Jesus declared, 'Why do you call Me good? No-one is good but God alone!'
     "He said this although He knew perfectly well He Himself was God, Son of God, filled by the Spirit of God. Yet while in the flesh, that is, before His glorification, Jesus knew the flesh is weakness itself and that the faculties within oneself can as easily lead the flesh to right or wrong, in either direction. It is for the same reason of deep mistrust of the flesh through profound knowledge of its weakness that Jesus also said, 'Do not allow your left hand to know what your right hand is doing.'
     "In other words, the flesh cannot be trusted. Our vigilance must be constant. We cannot afford ever to lose guard."
     "Similarly, when asked about the final hour, Jesus declared that it was known only to the Father, to show that the flesh is not to be trusted. Although He and the Father are one, while in the flesh He did not desire to know the final hour. When He would return to the Father and be united in the Spirit, He would know as the Father knows it but He was showing us that it is better for us in the condition of the flesh not to know certain things. We are better not to know. It keeps us spiritually alert for the flesh will always be inclined to follow what the world places before it for its own fulfillment. As Son of God Jesus would have been capable of keeping it to Himself but He preferred to teach us not to trust the flesh. Besides, Satan can know what is in our human minds and while in the flesh the contents of Jesus' mind would be accessible to the devil. So this way the knowledge was also kept from Satan."

Jesus' Anguish

     "While Jesus was 'in the flesh' our sins poured out upon Him. This is the anguish He endured. To somehow describe the horror of His anguish one would have to use a severe comparison such as boiling water being poured into the human eye. The anguish was unbearable in His sensitivity of Spirit, in His depth of holiness and goodness. The anguish of Gethsemane was so overpowering that it seemed as if not only His Heart but His entire Body was about to burst with the impact of our sins. The sins of all humanity, since the beginning until the end of time, oppressed Him. Jesus knew anguish but never anger. Some conclude that Jesus was angry when He entered the temple and threw out the traders who were buying and selling. Rather it was anguish in heart and soul which He experienced for He saw around Him nothing but evil and darkness in His Father's house and was impelled to throw the offensive items over. It was anguish at the blindness of those around Him and at the eagerness with which they were responding to the temptations of evil spirits."

Does Satan Know Our Thoughts?

     "Each soul, when it responds to God and to the Will of God, becomes a light. The light of God illumines the soul. As this light grows the Evil Spirit recognizes that something good is happening and he tries to extinguish the light. It is this indicator he follows more so than any knowledge although he surmises our thoughts and desires through the flesh. He can tempt our mind and faculties, all to do with the flesh. Because he knows our past falls he can tempt our weakness through the flesh."

Concerning the Holy Trinity

     "The Father and the Son are one, and the Holy Spirit is the generated love between the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is every desire of the Father and every desire of the Son united in the one beating Heart of the Godhead. In the harmony of their desire, the Spirit is generated, yet they are three individuals Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

The Work of The Spirit

     "Through His breathing upon any soul that He desires the Spirit of God can convey and lavish abundant graces through one or many of His gifts because the Spirit of God is living and can give to a soul a renewal or an increase of the Life of God, the Knowledge of God or the Wisdom of God. The key to the reception of such outpourings of the Spirit of God is humility in the one who receives. The greatest gift one can receive from God is love. Humility permits the soul to receive from God and this humility permits the love of God to grow. Humility and littleness like that of a child is what draws down God's Spirit and His gifts. When Jesus asked us to become like little children, He meant that everyone - even adults - can have the heart of a child. To have a childlike heart means to have total trust and belief in God just as a child will trust without being able to understand when told for example by its father or mother 'You must not do that'. The child looks at the parent with total trust. God desires we look to Him in faith with the same complete trust. Once we have heard the word of God, the word of God is Spirit. It is the breath of God. It should touch and pierce any heart opening the heart so that it may gain the light and grace of God. If the soul permits the truth and grace of God thus received to grow, then the soul becomes luminous and in union with the Will of God.
     "If the truth is preached, undiluted by a priest and without fear, then it is a spear of fire which will pierce the heart and disturb the conscience of the hearer and regardless of how much the negative reaction of the flesh and the will wants to reject what is preached it cannot reject the Truth. The truth is living; it is the living Breath of God which wants to restore life to the soul of the person dead in spirit.
     "The image of a tree may help us to understand the life of God which 'is rooted' in our souls through the redemption. Hearing the truth activates the roots within the soul even though the flesh wants not to respond.
     "Through the person hearing the Word, the roots within the soul are activated and make the heart respond to the Will.
     "The heart, however, may not respond to the grace and desire of God. It may want to follow the desire of the flesh and may keep resisting the activation of the Spirit through grace in the soul.
     "Lucifer may tempt a person in the weakness of the flesh and faculties to reject what is right and good just as he himself in his pride rebelled against the goodness of God and declared, 'I will not serve'.
     "To continue doing this is to quench the reactivation of the soul's roots by the Spirit of God and if the soul is not in light at the final moment of death the tree will be uprooted."


When asked if we will have a special relationship with our loved ones in heaven, Christina replies,

"In God's way, in the Spirit's way heaven and earth are entirely different. In the world of the Spirit (in God) we are all part of the Mystical Body and when we are drawn into the Spirit of God in heaven we will love the stranger whom we have never met on earth as we will love God Himself. Do we love one finger better than another on our human hand? No. Because we need all our fingers. Each of us will be united in the Spirit of God as the Mystical Body of Christ. Each member is in light. Each member loves as God loves. Each member desires to glorify God and God, the Living Light and Breath of the Mystical Body will be glorified by each soul. Each soul will know as God knows, not as human flesh knows for the human flesh has a false wisdom. The only wisdom or knowledge in heaven will be the Wisdom of God, the Light of God, the Love of God. When Jesus was leaving this earth He asked that we love one another as He had loved us. The love that endures to heaven is the love that reflects Jesus' love who laid down His life for us. So we are to sacrifice ourselves for one another - pray and endure that we may permit God to draw many souls to Himself through our offering in union with Jesus in an act of love."

What about your mother whom you loved so dearly on earth?

"We will love, for example, in heaven our earthly mother as we love anyone else for Jesus asked us to love our neighbor as ourselves. From the beginning of Our Lady's apparitions, my experience is that of Our Lady as my true Mother and my earthly family as my friends.
We will know only the love of God among each other.

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