Through Christina Gallagher

DECEMBER 14, 1996

Saturday, December 14, 1996, after she had received Holy Communion at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, at Achill, in Ireland, Christina Gallagher was taken into an ecstasy which lasted more than an hour, and experienced an apparition of Jesus Who spoke with her at length. (Christina's spiritual director, Father Gerard McGinnity, was present when the messages were given, and was able to record the words of the Lord, which were repeated by Christina while in ecstasy, as she received them). The portions of the messages to be made public follow.

Speaking to Christina, Jesus said:

"Never doubt, for I will never leave you. I love you with a love you will only know in the union of My love in My Father's house.

"Hear the angels who praise My Father." (Christina could hear many voices singing as music, though some words were distinguishable.)

"They praise Him for those who have abandoned My true My little one, pray through Me to the Father for those who have abandoned the sacraments, My truth, eternal life. Love of My Father with all your heart.

"Pray for those who have given Me their oath and placed their full credence in Me." (Christina understood that meant priests.)

Jesus went on:

"Little ones, come to the fountain of grace, drink."

 When Christina asked how, she was told by Jesus:
"By submission to the Holy Will of God."

Speaking to all, Jesus said:
"You come to the altar of sacrifice with empty hearts, I permit this...only when you seek will you find the bounty of My goodness given for all."


"He who has been chosen to be successor of Peter suffers the chains that bind him. It grieves My heart to see the anguish of him who serves so well and receives My grace so eagerly. He takes My Mother's Hand each day to lead him and teach him the way of the cross."


Referring to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer at Achill, Jesus said:
"Those who will enter this household will cause Me great anguish, but will be purified and through what you endure for my sake, many will be salvaged from the gates of hell, because the deceiver never ceases and those who seem to profess knowledge, truth and love, are those most empty of My virtues. There are many words used, but few are lived.

"Those who will be upheld in surrender in this house will endure continual temptation and will drink of the depths of the cross.

"But, the heart that fears not will succeed...(for emphasis) These words to be echoed to those who reign in the house.

"I see and know all things. Not all hearts please Me but I continue to love all."

To Christina, Jesus went on:
"Let your heart not be troubled, little one, in what you have been reduced to, for they that judge you know little, they are the ones that pierce My heart, but your endurance and submission bring consolation to My heart...You will continually receive injustice for the world does not contain true justice, for I Am He Who is Justice and it has never known Me.

"Those who desire to live in the justice of the world, will receive the justice of My hand.

"Justice will be served. So many shout of truth and that they know truth. They neither know or serve truth."

Again regarding the House of Prayer, Jesus said:
"This is the House referred to as 'The House of Prayer' in the Book. It is truly the House of God, and it's members will have to endure many trials and sufferings."


In reference to the coming sign Jesus said:
"Soon the sign that will be given will be My face. My face will radiate in the skies and throughout the world more brilliantly than a thousand suns, to show the triumphant glory of the Son of God and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. For She is Immaculate - ever honored in grace before My Father. For truly I tell you, the fruit of Her womb brought the light of God into the world."

(Christina understood that this was Our Lord bringing His Mother for the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.)

When Christina asked when this sign would come, Jesus responded:
"Soon, child, soon, the World will recognize it's Creator! Soon the Heavens and the Earth will change in it's seasons, the birthpangs rage in the World, but will multiply - calamity after calamity, storm after storm."


Christina is then shown the heavens open. As the sky opens, there is a hugh outpouring of light. It comes down and goes out to all the world. She sees the face of Jesus, luminous and yet transparent, in hugh form, coming forth. Gradually, His hands form and then His feet. From the wounds in His hands and feet, brilliant light shines down, so that these stand out more than the rest of His body, which can be seen in outline in the light.

Christina can see His heart living and beating. Within His Sacred Heart can be seen Our Blessed Lady, with Her own Immaculate Heart beating. And angels are to be seen moving everywhere as the light radiates, it penetrates everything.

Christina could see billions of enormous, loathsome black lizards fleeing in all directions to escape, but in vain. No matter where they attempted to hide, in houses, under rocks, it is impossible to escape the light. Which seems to penetrate the very earth itself.

The world is saturated with the light.

Christina is also aware that the darkness which will come before this heavenly illumination will plunge everything into a dense obscurity.

Jesus then comes towards Christina. He asks for her heart.

She responds:

"Help me, Lord, to remember this night, so that everything in my heart will be what Yours desires."

"I receive your heart. It can never again be yours."

Then in His hands appeared, a chalice which He offered Christina to drink. He gave her three sips. Although she was continuing in the ecstasy, her spiritual director, Father McGinnity, could distinctly hear the sound of her swallowing, (He did not know why these sounds were made, as nothing about the chalice was said at that stage.)

Tears came into her eyes as she emerged from the ecstasy. She described the very deep love she felt for Jesus as He gave her the chalice.

As she sipped it three times, she felt she was receiving only so little of the greatness of His own suffering.

"I am departing from your sight, but I will always be with you." Jesus declared as He left.

Note: Christina Gallagher and her spiritual director, Father Gerard McGinnity, both consider the December 14, 1996 message to be of special significance, and one that should be given serious consideration.

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