Message from Heaven to Dory Tan

January 1st, 2005, Feast of the Mother of God, Greenside's Farm, Marmora Ontario.

On this Feast of the Mother of God we felt blessed on this pleasant winter day as we gathered at the Statue of St. Padre Pio to begin the Stations of the Cross.  A few times, as we prayed, the sun shone so brightly radiating a comforting heat - this also happened at the 14th Station when we finished our prayers.  We all felt the presence and Blessing of Our Blessed Mother on this special day.  At the 10th Station, after the apparition, Dory shared this with us.

She began by saying Happy New Year to everyone and also thanks to all of us for joining in prayer and sacrifice in spite of the weather and emphasizes that we will not regret what we are doing. Dory says that she does not know how to start and knows that we all know what is going on in the world-especially in Asia where they are still counting how many thousands of people who have already lost their lives.

She reminds us about the December 8th message from Our Blessed Mother telling us about the Precious Blood of Her Son, Jesus.  What is Our Blessed Mother telling us?  She is telling us that the Precious Blood of Jesus is our LAST CHANCE to WAKE EVERYBODY UP!  Our Blessed Mother gave the
Precious Blood of Jesus to us on September 15th-only a few months ago and look-something has happened already.

Dory is hoping that we are taking this serious -- this is already a WARNING of what is happening now in this world.  In the New Year, we must PRAY MORE-PRAY HARD.  How blessed we are still that what is going to happen is not for us yet!  But ALWAYS-ALWAYS -- Our Blessed Mother is
telling to everybody -BE PREPARED- any second, anytime -it's coming!

Dory shares that Our Blessed Mother is telling her to tell everyone;

«Do not worry -as long as you are with Me and My Son, Jesus- there is no need to worry.»

Dory says that it is very sad and says that she feels comforted that everyone who wants to see the Precious Blood of Jesus-even those who cannot see IT - that in their SPIRIT they will see the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Dory shares that through our prayers and through the Precious Blood of Jesus-all the innocent people in Asia will be saved.  Of course, Our Blessed Mother is asking all of us to continue to pray for all of them for at least 40 days.  We will continue praying for them.

Dory shares that last night -New Years Eve- it was very, very nice-Our Blessed Mother appeared to her.  She allowed Dory to share this message with all of us -to the world.  Our Blessed Mother is repeating again to all of us;

«Prepare, Prepare -anytime- it's coming!»

Dory emphasizes to us to not be afraid -she is not trying to frighten us -she is just trying to warn all of us -BE PREPARED.

What is the meaning of «Be Prepared»?  It is NOT preparing food, water or anything material.  We are preparing OUR SOULS for when the time will come when we will go with Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother in Heaven!  This is not a joke anymore-this is a SERIOUS message from Our Blessed Mother.  She is calling every one of us because She LOVES us very much and She wants to SAVE every one of us.

All of us who are here now in this place -we are thinking at this time about what is going to happen and Dory is begging all of us, that wherever we are, to continue what we are doing now -to always PRAY, PRAY.  It is only through PRAYERS that we are saved.

Dory shares that she is very touched by the group of young people who are here today.  She feels and knows that they are sincere and hopes and prays that, until the end -until the time will come- they will continue to be the same as when she first met them at her house two days ago.  Dory shares that Our Blessed Mother is very happy with them because it is through their prayers that they help the people in Asia and she is hoping that many teenagers like them will do the same.

Dory emphasizes that we pray for our families -our children because we do not have a long time and we know that time is going very fast.  It is the same as Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother told us;

«In a second something will happen -it's coming.»

Dory is asking us to please continue what we are doing.  Always think that-no matter what-there is a Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.  We want to go to Heaven to be with Jesus.  Even though we are suffering here on this earth - ACCEPT IT.  When the time will come -when we will be with Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother in Heaven- all the suffering will be nothing.  All the JOY that we cannot experience in our lives on this earth -we WILL enjoy in Heaven.

Dory is begging all of us to continue in this New Year and many more years --we do not know how many more years we have.  PRAY that, when the time comes, we will all be READY to go to Heaven.

Dory hopes to see more and more praying like this together and ends by saying;

«I Love You and God Bless You All.»

(Transcribed by J. Romain)

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