the Girl of My Will in Jesus

(Message received on August 8, 2003)

Jesus: On Prayer and Prayer Groups

Children who pray and unite with other children who pray are in a force of love. Prayer is a source of graces, my children, join together when you pray. Our graces rain down upon you, they enter into you like a downpour of love. Prayer opens hearts so that you may welcome the graces God wants to bestow upon you.

During these days of darkness, it is so important to unite in the very Heart of the Love. When you are all together, it beats in order to make of you a unit of strength. How great is Gods strength! You cannot imagine, my children, the power of love. When children pray to obtain graces, if they unite with those who pray, they obtain the graces God wants to give them hundredfold; he is the Power.

Why, my children, do you pray together forming a small prayer group when you can ask us to unite you to all the prayer groups that are in our two Hearts? Yes, my children, we have all your requests within us, and when you pray, a single request becomes the request of all these children who are within us. The power of prayer is your strength. You must pray in union with all the prayer groups all over the world. Our two Hearts have united, unite with one another, combine your prayers, they will become a power of love for you. You are the light.

When a single group of people prays together, this group is a light on earth, it shines in the darkness and when it unites with another group, a ray of light shines forth from the darkness to reach another ray that seeks to join another and, my children, this is how it is for all prayer groups. In order for this to take place, it is necessary to request it!

Become aware of this power. A ray of love travelling about to reach another ray of love, other rays of love travelling about to join these rays of love, what an explosion, my children, what radiance! This becomes so powerful that it surrounds the earth with a light that illuminates the darkness. Be in the light. Your requests through prayers will obtain such powerful graces.

My children, I am asking you to not compete amongst yourselves. Yes, some members are jealous of other prayer groups, they do not want to share these moments with other groups. Out of fear of losing members they do not mix with other groups, they do not want their group to diminish, they are afraid that those who pray with them meet with other prayer groups. The competition between my prayer groups reigns on earth.

My children, my Heart of a Mother is sad to see how great the misunderstanding among you is. You, who pray, wake up, pride has entered amongst you, you have not become aware of the evil that dwells within you. Satan knows your weakness, he exults with joy when he sees you. You are behaving as adversarial children.

Little children, praying is showing God that you want to give him the foremost place. Be like tiny little children, humble, not seeking to become indispensable. If someone who prays wants to go towards other children who pray, be at peace: your strength resides in your humility. What does it serve, my children, to be numerous if your hearts have closed themselves to Gods call? God is watching you, he probes hearts, he knows your slightest feelings. Cast fear far from you. Fear, my children, takes your inner peace away and when you are no longer at peace, you commit actions against yourselves and your neighbour.

My children of love, those who are in charge of prayer groups must be in the image of what God expects from each of his children. Everything must reside in the faith in God the Father, he knows what is good for you, he knows your slightest weaknesses. Take care that there be no controversy amongst you! When children pray, they give everything to God so that God may fulfill them. If they pray while maintaining inner shortcomings towards the love of their neighbour, God the Father will not be able to fulfill them, for he respects his children; he will wait for them to come back to him like little children submitted to his love. There is so much love in him, why do you not come to draw your strength from him?

I am speaking to each of you. You who pray, do not be children who want to perform their human will by keeping the strength of a prayer group for themselves, you will gain nothing from it, for if you want to gather together in order to obtain graces from us while you are behaving badly, your action will not bear fruit. Do not forget, my children, that Satan has the power to deceive you. Yes, as prayerful as you may be, he can manipulate you, but I am watching over each one of you.

Little children of the Light, keep yourselves in our two Hearts, the deceiver will not be able to reach you. Obedience to God is a weapon of love, he cannot manipulate you. Be united all together like little children who have faith in God. Abandon yourselves in the very Heart of the Love, my Son, he has earned life everlasting for you. Be humble children by remaining one with what you are, with what you do: you will obtain graces of humility so that all may be as God the Father wants it. My loves, love one another as my Son loves you. Prayer groups are weapons of love, of peace, of joy, of hope.

All those who unite form an unsuspected force. Be, in my Son, all united together. He is the Word, he performs the Will of God the Father in all things, everywhere. Whatever may happen, be united, you form God's great family. The light will shine forth from the darkness in order to leave all the room to God. This is the Will of God the Father which is being accomplished. My darling children, you who pray in chorus, pray in our Hearts. I love you.

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