Guidelines for Lectors

"Let the lector be aware of the office he/she has taken and make every effort and employ every suitable means to acquire that increasingly warm and living love, and knowledge of Scripture that will make him/her a more perfect disciple of the Lord"
Pope Paul the VI

Generally accepted guidelines for lectors:

The above are general guidelines and suggestions applicable to lectors in all parishes. For detailed FCMM Guidelines please see below.

FCMM Guidelines

"Should you want to speak publicly or if you were to do so, I will then be there to comfort you. Each word should be like a seed which must bear many fruits among your listeners."
Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth Kindelmann July 26, 1971


  1. Prepare yourself a week before:
  2. Arrive 30 minutes before the mass:
  3. Sunday First Reader-carry the lectionary solemnly above your head. Do not bow at the altar (the Lord is in His words with you). Lay it down slowly on the lectern, open to the correct page and go to your designated place. Remain standing.

  5. First Reader-after the opening prayer, approach the lectern facing the altar, bow and approach the microphone. Pause, and wait for any activity in the assembly to die down before you begin.

  7. The word of God should be proclaimed from the lectionary, not from a missalette or any other piece of  paper.

  9. Proclaim in a strong voice, "A  reading from...." and then pause for at least 2 seconds (one thousand and one, one thousand and two). Do not say, "The first/second reading is taken from....").

  11. Read slowly, distinctly, with meaning and looking up from time to time at various parts of  the congregation.

  13. At the end of the reading, be sure you do not swallow, "The word of the Lord". Instead, pause for at least 2  seconds before the phrase and then proclaim  it as something in which you take great pride. (Do not say, "This is the word...." or "Brothers and sisters this is...."). Wait for the response before moving away from  the lectern, then bow to the altar (with the next reader, if applicable).

  15. When approaching or leaving the altar/lectern, move slowly and with dignity.

  17. If the psalm is not sung, pronounce the response in a strong voice (only the response itself; do not announce "the response is..."). Say the response again with the congregation at a lower volume. The psalm is prayed as a  poetry. Wait for the last response to finish completely before moving away from the lectern.

  19. The lectors join the other servers in the recessional. The lectionary is not to be processed out.


    1. Arrive 30  minutes before the mass:
    2. For the Prayer of the Faithful, approach the pulpit immediately after the Creed, to be in place when the celebrant introduces the intercessions. Do not announce, "Our response is....".

    4. Read the intercessions prayerfully, pausing slightly before "We pray to the Lord". Stay at the pulpit while the priest says the concluding prayer, and say "Amen" with the congregation. Return to your designated place while the people sit down.

    6. The commentator does  the announcements after Communion.

    8. The commentator joins the celebrant, readers, E.Ms. and altar servers in the recessional.


Please, observe the dress code. It was agreed for combination of black pants/skirt and white shirt/blouse if possible. Else, for the lectors it is recommended to wear sunday's best. The dress code should be observed during Sundays, but also on weekdays if at all possible.

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