Infused Knowledge

     I do not know what happens. All I know is that during Mass or sometimes while I am in deep personal prayer, I experience light, 'bolts' of light taking me over. I know that in this happening I am receiving - not through my mind but directly to my soul - knowledge for I cannot express it in words of myself. It is given for the time God arranges or permits. I do not know at the time of receiving what I have received. It is not a 'knowing' with the human mind. Yet a day later or it may be a week or weeks later when a priest or perhaps a lay person will ask a question I will automatically have the knowledge to answer. I have a deep spiritual insight into the matter raised or the question put. It may, for example, be a question concerning a saint of past times whose life I have read or heard nothing - ever. I experience, however, being in the mind or spirit of the saint. I will now facts and details concerning the life on earth of that holy person and not only that - I will be clearly aware of the way the saint thought, reflected and reacted. I will even know of hidden details and deeply personal conditions in their regard. What I have received in this way will be verified by my spiritual director or by a person who has read deeply in or researched in detail the particular saint in question. This knowledge can be, and has been, given about a person actually living in the world at present but with whom I would not have any communication or about whom I would have no intimate knowledge. It would always be a delight to me when my spiritual director would confirm from reading, studying or checking what is given but irrespective of this I would always know that it is correct despite the fact that I had not acquired it in a human way. How it happen I do not know except that it is a gift of God.

The Soul

     From what is given directly to my soul, I know the soul has two parts, or halves and some of us who are chosen by God to accomplish a particular mission on His behalf have one part of the soul taken into the Spirit of God and saturated in the Spirit of God. The other part of the soul which is in the body endures what is called 'the dark night of the soul'. This is a tremendous suffering of soul which is more intense than any suffering of mind or body could be. The soul is in such darkness that you could have a thousand people around you and none of them would be of any consolation. The only one who can console or give back the peace and tranquillity is God Himself.

How Bilocation is Brought About

     When a person is experiencing bilocation (the ability to be in two places at once) what is actually happening is that the part of their soul that is in the Spirit of God is transmitted by the Spirit of God. I have experienced this on a number of occasions. There is no fear, only peace in that part of the soul transmitted by God. The part of the soul remaining in the body, however, endures the attacks of the evil one. When God is using the soul saturated in His Spirit, evil spirits assault the remaining part with the horrors of darkness to a tremendous degree.


     When the entirety of the person - the body, mind, heart, will and soul - is unable to endure any longer the intensity of darkness and purification, God permits the vapor - like source of the Spirit to flow on the part of the soul in the body as a consolation. So when a person is caused to levitate - an experience which was given to me once earlier in the apparitions but which I did not then understand - what is actually taking place is that the vapor-like existence of the Spirit which flows from the part of the soul which is saturated in the Spirit of God to the other, is like a magnet drawing the part in the body to the point that God completely consumes not only the half of the soul remaining but the entire body as well as the faculties of the person. The first thing the person experiences is a weightlessness of body, a total peace and unity with God.

      Christina recalls specifically from her own experience,

Q.   And now that you have the knowledge, do you feel any different about it?

 A.   I don't say I would be brave, but I would be able to surrender and accept it more easily.

 Q.   Would you say there have been a number of occasions where you have been taken into the complete experience you described of the weightlessness leading into the ecstasy and being left helpless?

 A.   Yes, on many occasions and sometimes without notification that it was coming on me. At other times I could feel an experience within and also in my body. That experience was a calling and it would only be a matter of seconds until I was no longer aware of my body or those around me or where I was. I have experienced that on a number of occasions.

Ecstasy in God

     After that the person just has what feels like a floating existence in that the freedom and fulfillment which flows from unity in the Spirit is beyond words. On some occasions God permits the soul saturated with His Spirit to unite with the suffering part which is still in the body so fully that the person cannot endure physically the enormity of the power of God and His Spirit. What happens then is that the person goes into what is like a collapsed state of ecstasy where he or she knows nothing going on around them - everything of the world in mind or body is gone and the only thing they experience is the complete unity of the Spirit within. They are actually experiencing the contents of heaven in love and peace and they may experience seeing Jesus, the Blessed Mother, angels, saints or whatever God permits. There may be a message relayed but the body is totally helpless because it would not be capable of containing the enormity of God when the two parts of the soul thus unite.


     This knowledge also permitted Christina to understand the tearfulness she would have felt after a supernatural experience. She used not to know why she would be tearful. She would not be able to prevent the tears . Yet she had no human experience of sadness or joy to cause the tears. She was given to understand that this tearfulness is the consequence of God communicating with the soul. It is the Spirit permeating the faculties and senses. The impact of the Spirit filling the part of the soul drawn into God, is vaporizing the part remaining in the body. The tearfulness follows and its effect is great release and healing.

      Christina has sometimes been taken into an ecstasy of light. In it she is filled with a heavenly peace. It is as if she is completely absorbed into the Spirit of God. All she knows is that she is immersed in a heavenly atmosphere that is God Himself. While in this state of complete fulfillment, she desires only to remain there and never have to relinquish it. She is aware of receiving enlightenment or wisdom directly imparted to her soul. However, as she has already explained on emerging from this state she cannot express what has been given inwardly to her. Yet, she knows this enrichment is now part of her soul. It is only when a priest comes to visit her and asks a question concerning some aspect of theology or spirituality that Christina can articulate what has been given her. A question from a priest is the means God will use to 'trigger off' or release the knowledge. Only then can Christina express it - even to herself. Occasionally, it is expressed when she hears or overhears a priest making an inaccurate comment or venturing an opinion of his own to conjecture what he does not know for certain concerning e.g. heaven, the Mystical Body or God Himself. Most of this 'infused' knowledge received by Christina concerns the Mystical Body, the Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Lady and the After life.

      Christina Gallagher has received gifts of infused knowledge; knowledge of the soul; as well as, understanding of bilocation, levitation; as well as knowledge concerning the Most Holy Trinity.


     "In January, 1994, I was given an awareness of the means whereby a soul advances in holiness. It concerned ascending the SEVEN STEPS OF PERFECTION, which I had been shown sometime back, but did not really understand then. I was given that God desires the Seven Degrees of His Spirit to permeate the person who is being perfected in the seven areas of our being of heart, mind, body, soul, will, intellect and memory."

     On October 5, 1992, the Eternal Father spoke to Christina:
     "My daughter, I am your Father. Arise and pray." The Eternal Father then told Christina that on a later date He would awaken her again and that she was to arise and pray and He would then reveal to her "... what was hidden from the wise and learned." Christina has been given the gift of knowledge from Almighty God to understand how there are seven steps, stages or degrees on the path to perfection, or the path of purification, "I saw seven steps, and the more we respond, surrendering to the Cross for the love of Christ, the more we are drawn into the degrees of His Spirit with God raising the soul to a higher degree.
     "The heart of the Holy Trinity is the Godhead and from the heart of the Godhead comes the beacon of light which is the Holy Spirit. Through this beacon God desires to radiate His Spirit and to draw the soul to a higher level of union with Himself.
     "From the unity and love of the heart of the Godhead, the desire of God is to draw each soul in a deeper way into Himself.
     "Every soul is redeemed by Jesus and in that way is part of the Mystical Body of Jesus.
     "By the person decreasing in self and allowing God to increase in his or her soul, God desires to draw each one to a level of mystical union or marriage with Christ. Many, however, do not achieve this union because they will not decrease in self to allow God to increase within them."

      "When Our Blessed Mother asks through her message for prayer, sacrifice and fast, these teach us to decrease in self in childlike humility before God by depriving the flesh and so opening the heart to permit the Spirit to freely flow in the seven areas of our being, that is, heart (which is the main channel or entrance leading to the), will, mind, intellect, memory, body and lastly, the soul. These first six areas depending on their response can lead the soul into light or darkness. Everything is first of all desired in the heart and the heart then requires the will, the mind, the intellect, the memory and the body to respond in an open channel to permit the seven degrees of the Spirit to purify and strengthen the six areas of our being, whose response will leave the soul in either light or darkness.

      "THE HEART, because it is the main channel leading to the other faculties, and is itself the source of desire which leaves the other channels open or closed in willing, choosing or action, needs to be purified of its weakness, because the heart can be open or closed to God.
     "THE WILL can become so unyielding to God's will that it stubbornly resists the prompting of God and becomes shaped in a pattern of self-interest and self-concern and can become too weak to decide for God.
     "THE MIND can be molded more and more by the thinking of the world, the expectations of people and the standards of earthly judgment.
     "THE INTELLECT can lose its realization of God's Wisdom being supreme, a greater treasure than all human expertise and greatness. It can even rationalize what suits itself and begin even to justify as right what is objectively wrong. A loss of humility before God leads us to trust in ourselves and less in Him: more in our personal potential and less in Him Who is indeed the source and giver of every talent we possess. God may need then to prevent pride from building up and taking us over for then we would lose the greatest gift, God Himself. But as He removes our securities we are made to feel vulnerable and helpless of ourselves.
     "THE MEMORY can be clouded from consciousness of the merciful deeds of God in our past and need a purifying and a strengthening from the clutter of personal concerns that accumulate and block our loving dependence on the God Who loves us with an everlasting love. To make us realize this, He will have to bring us down to a realization that we are nothing and that we draw all from Him Who is the giver of life itself.
     "OUR BODY through its weaknesses as a result of original sin and because of constant temptations from the other deadly spirits - apart from pride - who can gain many influences over the bodily appetites and temperament of a person through their attacks of greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth, will need strengthening for the mastery over self which is imparted by the Spirit's gift of self-control. This spiritual reinforcement of our higher faculties over our lower appetites will shatter our composure the more dependent on the flesh we have permitted ourselves to become.
     "THE SOUL through failure of the other faculties to respond to God can experience only light or darkness. Although this work of purifying is not the release of the Holy Spirit as in the Sacrament of Confirmation, it will inevitably result in a freedom of movement for the Spirit already received through the Sacrament for He is hindered and hampered by our imperfections and impurities and the residue of past sins already forgiven.


     "The seven degrees of the Spirit of God can be at work at any given moment, or there can be three or four, or any number of degrees of the Spirit at work at any time.
     "For instance, if the heart is open and the mind is weak and Jesus wants to purify the mind, sometimes the darkness experienced feels like abandonment. The mind is not able to understand, and thinks God has abandoned it until God can, in His degree, penetrate sufficiently to purify that particular area of the mind, and then one can receive the Light and gain the understanding of the Spirit of God.
     "If somebody is living with bad thoughts, and God is purifying and strengthening the mind, it has the ability then to overcome the bad thoughts, but when God withdraws that degree of the Spirit from the mind, the mind is in shock, as it were. It feels like a depression, a feeling of distress, while the purifying is taking place.
     "As the Spirit of God progresses and works through each area, it is a painful procedure, and the key to everything is surrender; surrender everything for the love of God.
     "Until God purifies a particular area, it is like being in a darkness, depending on how open or how blocked the particular area is, and depending which degree of the Spirit of God is at work. The higher degree of the Spirit, the more powerful it will be and the greater will be the shock caused.
     "God might bring a person to a particular level and that level can be purified and doing well, but that person can, of their own free will, fall to the temptation of Satan in sin and darkness. The memory, for instance, can forget the mercy of god, and the truth. Then God may have to repeat, in His mercy and goodness, His purification of that person's memory again and re-awaken it's faculty.
     "If the will is weak, God will have to work on the will. It is the temptation of the flesh in our free will to decide against the desire God has given in the heart. And if god is working on the will in any degree of His Spirit, the will can get shaky, feel fragile, and even seem about to collapse."


     "The key is surrender. Everything has to be surrendered. As we get to know ourselves we get to realize our own nothingness, that without God we are nothing and the will more than any other faculty is instructed and taught by this. We realize that we depend on God for absolutely everything, for His gifts of Light, Wisdom and Mercy and the degrees of the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives.
     "The Holy Spirit wants to strengthen all the areas of our being, and since all these areas work together, if there is something blocking any one area, the other areas suffer. The quicker we surrender everything to God, for love of Him, the better; and understand ourselves and our nothingness in the sight of God; and come with hearts totally open and bent on receiving everything from God in humility."

When Things go Wrong

     "It is easy to surrender when everything is going right, but when things go wrong for us, when a person may say 'Where is God in all this?', we find excuses and have negative thoughts and feel as if we've had enough, then we can fall back to where we were previously. But if we can surrender out of love of God, and not even be interested in questioning, then it is as if the heart is allowed to open up to a greater extent, and the Spirit can flow freely, through this channel, into the soul."


     Christina understood that "Whereas consolations of soul follow the process of purification for those God is drawing to perfection through the seven steps, with priests it is generally different. The meaning of the priesthood is to be a victim in union with Jesus: priests share in a special way in the victimhood of Christ, the Great High Priest Who is sacrificed for the sins of the world. The priests who are enduring the purification process will therefore experience emptiness during and following it because the benefits will be applied by God to the souls whom they pasture in their shepherding of God's flock. Jesus pastures His sheep by means of the priest's ministry. So priests will be benefiting the flock in their charge in a deeply spiritual way as they themselves are led closer to perfection by means of the seven steps.
     "It would be nothing strange for a priest to go through his entire priestly life feeling no spiritual consolation, a prey to many temptations, emotional loneliness, inner emptiness and as if abandoned by God. In addition, they suffer the lack of knowledge to understand the spiritual fruitfulness God draws from their victimhood - a wealth of spiritual riches to lavish on His little lambs.
     "But God also expects the people (His little lambs) to respond to the greatness of spiritual wealth in the sacraments which He provides for them through the victimhood of His priests, by their response in prayer and sacrifice to keep holy the anointed ones of God.
     "As in the Scriptures, Jesus questioned Peter three times 'Do you love Me?' and each time Peter replied, 'I do,' Jesus desired that he feed the sheep, he was to fulfill this in the suffering and death Jesus immediately prophesied for him. So Jesus' intention in saying 'Feed My sheep' is 'suffer for My sheep.' The cross is the pasture!"


     "The highest degree of grace is received through receiving the Holy Eucharist at the Sacrifice of the Mass - for the person who is in the state of grace. This requirement of being in the state of grace shows the importance of the Sacrament of Penance.
     "Through the Sacrament of Penance comes the second highest degree of grace we can receive.
     "The third highest degree of grace comes through prayer and our good deeds for fellow-members of the Mystical Body. This grace comes as an outpouring from the enormous beacon of Light, the Spirit of God, in unity with every soul, through its higher degrees."


     "Holiness is not, therefore, to be equated merely with health of mind or well-being of body, or even with 'wholeness' so called. To be holy means to be wholly in union with the Spirit of God. In this union we draw upon the living source of the everlasting Spring of the Spirit of God."


     "When released from the body each soul is destined for immortal life and its future in eternity is determined by its state when death takes place, and the soul is released from the body. When the body dies and the soul is released, it suddenly finds itself in the full light of awareness, able to see itself as it stands in the sight of God. It then realizes the darkness to which the body's actions condemned it. The sensitivity of the soul to the enormity of the Light of God is like the naked eye before the brilliance of a thousand suns and the soul in darkness quivers in pain. It plunges itself into the sea of Hell to avoid the pain of the enormity of the Light."


     "The soul destined for Purgatory seeks shade at the level in Purgatory appropriate to its own imperfection. It will automatically plunge itself into Purgatory to be cleansed and purified, aware of all the sins for which it failed to atone sufficiently; it will gladly go to whatever level of Purgatory is necessary, and it will be eternally grateful to God for Purgatory, in the knowledge that it will one day gain His Presence in Heaven."


     Asked about a soul which dies in mortal sin, Christina said that: "During life, if a soul gets deeper and deeper into sin, darkness and blindness, God will call and call that soul, time after time, urging it to respond to the Light.
     "But if a person does not want to hear and does not want to see and refused to respond, the body will make of that soul a living hell, in all the faculties of that person, and it responds only to the temptation of the Devil.
     "If the person dies in that state, his soul, on being released from its mortality, realizes that it cannot come before the greatness and Light of God in that state, because it just could not bear it. The pain would be too great, because if that soul had been prepared for Hell by the life lived by the body on earth, and it came before the greatness of God - everything of total love and goodness - in the enormity of that Light and Goodness, the soul would suffer enormous agony.
     "So it is not so much God condemning it or casting it into Hell, as the soul itself, unable to bear the pain of the enormity of the Light of God casting itself into Hell." she said. (The reality of Hell shows us the importance of Confession, and of true repentance for our sins.)


     "The soul when it dies and is purified for Heaven according to the degree of its response to the Spirit and Grace of God, will be drawn to an outer level of that Light of God in Heaven. It will be totally fulfilled according to the completion of its own capacity for God. To the extent of the decrease of self on earth, thereby permitting the increase of the Spirit of God, this capacity is increased in the souls who receive a high degree of God's calling in life. They will be drawn into the deeper areas of the Godhead. Such a soul could be described as a shining crystal allowing the Light of God to radiate or reflect through it, bringing greater glory to God."


     "Hence, to pray through Our Lady does not distract from the glory of God but actually enhances God's glory for she is what she is in the Blessed Trinity, being the only person at freedom in the Spirit of God to go to the Heart of the Holy Trinity.
     "To pray through the saints glorifies God for they are all united in the Spirit of God at whatever level to which they have been drawn. Because they have been drawn into Heaven through the action of their response to His Spirit during their earthly life, God would joyfully permit His Spirit to respond to the earthly soul seeking help through them."


     "In the Holy Trinity, we have the Father and Jesus, and uniting Jesus and the Father, the Holy Spirit, tremendous Light and Wisdom, with all His Gifts, and together with the awe and greatness, love and union between the Father and the Son, God's infinite Mercy and Justice. The Father created the World, the Son redeemed it, and the Holy Spirit purifies and draws it to Himself. God desires to draw to Himself those who have been redeemed, and are loved, but through sin they experience darkness and are unable to respond to the Light and the Truth.
     "God created us to love and adore Him, but being in the world and responding to the darkness of sin, we start to love and serve self. That is the temptation of the world and the flesh that will lead us into a darkness that will blind us from perceiving the Light of God. Although the world is the creation of God, it is the Devil's kingdom which tempts the flesh. Because it is redeemed, the soul can choose through free will the desires of the flesh and the world or the eternal home God has prepared by following Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life."


     Christina says that "God wants all souls to be saved, and Jesus died for all of mankind, but God has given each created person free will, and Our Lady has emphasized over and over again, that all a person has to do is stop sinning and to turn back. She is pleading all over the world with her children to come back to Her Son, before it is too late, while they still have time. And this is why Our Blessed Mother even weeps tears of blood, because so many souls are being lost."


     Explaining how she understands free will, and how it is left to each one of us to accept or reject God's grace, Christina says "The image that was given to her about how God has given us free will and is always offering us His grace, was in the form of two trees, a Black Tree of Darkness and a White Tree of Light.
     "I saw from the Tree of Light many white roots going in every direction, and there were larger black roots on the Tree of Darkness and all these roots were intertwined with the narrower roots of the Tree of Light.
     "Then it was as if there were little ants running along on the roots, representing people, and each of those on the white roots of the Tree of Light had a little white dot of light on them. And they would be going grand until they met a place where the roots intertwined, and then they would halt at the cross-roads and not know which way to go. And they might then drift off to the other black root of the Tree of Darkness, and then their light would go out. Then they might come again to another meeting place of the two sets of roots, and some would go back to the white roots of the Tree of Light and their light would be seen again.
     "As they came nearer to the trunks of the two trees, those who reached the Tree of Light just disappeared into the Light while those on the black roots coming nearer to the tree of Darkness seemed to go at great speed, as if rushing into Hell. That is how is was given to me, and I was shown no in-between.
     "As I understood it, this was a representation of how free will and the grace of God work, how we receive it, and then reject it, and how God is always forgiving us, through Confession throuthout our lifetime, but He has given us free will and He does not force us to accept it."


     "The more a person surrenders to God, the more the Lord will invite that person to surrender, and the more the persosn will be enabled by God to receive and respond to His Spirit, Love, and Grace, surrendering in total abandonment and trust.
     "What this means is that Gods wills the sins of others to be purified through the victim or suffering soul who surrenders and offers his or her sacrifice to God to be purified in its uniting with the sacrifice of Jesus, thus permitting God to draw many other souls to himself."As Christina says, "Look at the crucifix, and see the outstretched arms of Jesus. He went to the cross to redeem us. He was born in a stable to show us He wanted nothing of the world. He nad no roof over His Head, showing us the unimportance of everything in the world. Yet He was the Son of God, teaching us as He said, what He had been taught by His Father through the Spirit. So everything that Jesus knew was through the Spirit and He was teaching us the way, the way home - how to gain Eternal Life. He was teaching us that to be nothing in the eyes of the world, is the way home through Him.
     "That is why, if we see self as important, or see our progress in the world's eyes, see anything of the flesh, as important, then we have gained nothing. It is only if we gain it through God's Love and Spirit that we gain anything and that we permit God to develop in us, to grow in us. Our souls, then, will be more and more transformed into the likeness and Image of Christ. The more we permit our souls to be transformed, the more will the radiance of God's Spirit and Light reach out and touch others, by the decrease of self and the increase of the Spirit of God.
     "This is" as Christina understands it, "how the accepted sufferings and sacrifices of one person who trusts and surrenders, are used by God to help others in the Mystical Body, who are in darkness and sorely in need of His grace. This is how, through the purifying action of God's Spirit in a victim soul, others too can be drawn back to God. This work of purification, then, in individuals is not intended to benefit themselves only. God in His love is drawing good out of it for the conversion of lost souls."


     Christina was given the example of the two hands, the paralyzed hand and the working hand. "If a person has a paralyzed hand and cannot use it, then that person must compensate by using the other hand much more.
     "The paralyzed hand represents the person who cannot be bothered with God, and is without God's enlightenment and the other hand is the other person in the Mystical Body who is prepared to suffer and to co-operate with the Spirit of God in order to convert the other. What Jesus wants to do is to flow His grace of conversion from the working hand to the paralyzed hand and so renew His life in that soul."
     Christina explains further what she has been given: "When we hear about a 'conversion,' the grace for the renewal of life in that soul comes from the suffering of someone else. With the Mystical Body, God will use the victim soul, to help those who are in the darkness of sin. He will take the victim soul to Himself, and give it His gifts and graces in a greater way. He will nourish it, and give the victim soul the strength and ability to surrender in all things to Him, to be crushed like a grape.
     "The victim soul is the working hand, and the soul in darkness which does not want to know about the Light, is the paralyzed hand. . . It hasn't got the ability, because of darkness and sin, to draw on the Light and ask for the forgiveness of God. When someone is far away from God, in deep sin, that person does not recognize the truth, or the reality of the true presence of God, so Jesus will use the victim soul, and crush it, and the grace and the Light of His Spirit can flow freely to the person in darkness, giving the soul His life anew - renewing God's life in that person.

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