Youth New Evangelization & Spiritual Renewal Seminar Series
The Christian Morality: Seminar 12

Lets talk about LOVE

Jesus' apostles well understood the importance of love and taught that God is Love. Often times they reflected on love somewhere in their catholic letters, Ex: 1 Corinthians, 1 John, ... etc. The virtue of love gives us the power to return to God the love He shares with us. But, what is this love?


Love (charity, agape) is a strong affection and warm attachment, or unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for others.

Love in this definition is comprised of three different types of love, or perhaps, three different applications of the same affection:

1) Erotic love - the physical love between husband and his wife. It further contains:

2) Filial love - maternal or paternal love. The highest of human love possible. It is: 3) Divine love - God's love for us. It is unconditional, steadfast and very intensive.

Once after her complicated surgery, a woman was thought to have died as she fell into a deep coma. Doctors were able to save her life however, and after she recovered a few weeks later, she described her experience to her doctors and friends. Such experiences are clinically termed "Near Death Experience".  As she described it, one of her experiences during her comatose state was an extremely intensive sensation of love for all beings. Perhaps, for a moment God allowed this patient to experience the same love He Himself feels towards us.


In the Catholic Church the sacrament of marriage unites a baptized man and a baptized woman to love each other and bring forth children into this World and the Church.

Typically, at this point I ask my audience these two questions having them to ponder upon them:

Any answers yet?

God and sexuality

Now we, as a Church put much emphasis on married life leading to erroneous assumption that extra-marital relationships are not important to God. In fact, God never defined "marriage". Reading any scripture attentively and thoroughly highlights the fact that God has never condemned love between a man and a woman, but He has always put much emphasis on responsible sexuality, which is based on LOVE rather than pure lust.
Sexual intercourse between man and woman is the summit of LOVE and trust between the two. It is connected to enormous responsibility and accountability for one another.

In fact during Her apparition in Marmora, Ontario number of years ago Our Blessed Mother reminded us through the visionary Dory Tan: "Human sexuality is the gift of God, and as such should not be abused".

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