Youth New Evangelization & Spiritual Renewal Seminar Series
A movie screening:  Seminar 4

The Ten Commandments - life of Moses

This is the most complete biography of prophet Moses based on the holy scriptures (Ex. 2-14,32) and the writings of historians Philo, Josephus, Eusebus and Midrash. The film starts with an amazingly accurate narration of scriptures.

Notice here the many parallels between the life story of Moses and that of Jesus of Nazareth:

- There has always been a clash between God's righteous ways and  human interests of power and domination. However, no ruler of any nation, no matter how powerful, is greater than GOD! All  his efforts are futile for eventually even he will turn to dust!

- The Exodus of God's people from slavery in Egypt facilitated  by a deliverer has had a double meaning here:

Why did Israelites go to Egypt to eventually become slaves?  Was not it to have a better life? Why do people become slaves to sin? Is not it to have an easier, better or more convenient life in this physical world?

- What was the meaning of the "blood of lamb" on the door posts of chosen people in order to avoid the destruction by the angels of God during the Passover? Who is our lamb? What would be the "destruction by angels" in case of those who reject the Blood of Lamb in today's world?

- Moses: "...It is not by the sword that he will deliver his  people, but by the staff of a shepherd...".

 ------------------------- Intermission ----------------------

- The golden calf (a man-made god), what does it represent?

Therefore, are we going to choose the laws of God based on love, truth and justice resulting in eternal life? Or should we rather choose the workings of this world based on deceit, shallow pleasures, convenience, monetary and/or political success?

- What do the 40 years spent in the desert by Israelites represent? (Hint: think about the Jesus' 40 days in desert)

- What is this "promise land" we will reach at the end of our  "40"-year journey through our desert?

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