St. Monica's Catechetical Ministry

Advanced catechism - Grade 5

Announcement Board:
Your final exam will contain one, or both of the following KEYquestions: 
      1. What does it mean to be a good Christian? What must a good Christian be like?
      2. Why are we here? Why has God created us?
Sounds simple, but it is not. Perhaps not as apparent all three years of Jesus' public ministry revolved around teaching the first of these two very fundamental spiritual concepts, yet few Christians today have good understanding. If they do understand, they certainly do not live the most basic principles of Christianity. The answer to the second question remains well hidden to this physical world, but it can be derived from careful contemplation of the scriptures and the analysis of events taking place in human lives.

Please, remember this while studying your material for the remaining part of this course. All students should be able to answer these two key questions upon the completion of all our lessons.

Paul Kauler

Faith First Course Outline for 2019-2020

Date  Topic  Book Chapter Reference
September 29 Brief introduction, meeting the students and their parents. N/A
October 6 Two Worlds; Creation or Evolution? Big Bang theory, plants & animals; God reveals Himself. 1 Class notes
October 13 Thanksgiving Weekend - No Class
October 20 The Word of God. 2 Class notes
October 27 God the Father 5 Class notes
November 3 Jesus Christ, Son of God 6, 4 Class notes
November 10 No Session - Mass
November 17 Jesus Christ and his public ministry; Mary, Mother of God 6, 4
pg 89
Class notes
November 24 The Death, Ressurection and Ascension of Jesus 7 Class notes
December 1 Apparitions of Jesus and Mary. Class notes
December 8 Class review, 1st midterm exam Class notes
December 15 Miracle of Fatima movie (Start at 09:00 a.m.)
Dec. 22 - Jan. 5
Christmas/New Year - No Class
January 12 The Holy Trinity, The promise of a helper 3, 8 Class notes
January 19 Jesus, our model of prayer 25, 26 Class notes
January 26 Making Christian decisions 18 Class notes
February 2 No Session - Mass
February 9 The Beatitudes 19 Class notes
February 16 Living Holy Lives 20 Class notes
February 23 Jesus' Work of Healing 16 Class notes
March 1 The Mission movie (Start at 09:00 a.m.) N/A
March 8 No Session - Mass
March 15 Baptism and Confirmation 12 Class notes
March 22 Sacraments of the Service of Communion 17 Class notes
March 29 Class review, 2nd midterm exam Class notes
April 5 One Bread One Cup 14 Class notes
April 12
Easter - No Class
April 19 The Pentecost 13 Class notes
April 26 Thy Kingdom Come 10 Class notes
1st Midterm - 50% of final grade  (open book)
2nd Midterm - 50% of final grade (open book)

Class Notes:
Chapter 1 - God Reveals Himself / Speaks to us Chapter 17 - Sacraments at the Service of Communion
Chapter 2 - The Bible Chapter 18 - Making Christian Decisions
Chapter 3 - The Holy Trinity Chapter 19 - The Beatitudes
Chapter 4 - Calming the Sea Chapter 20 - Living Holy Lives
Chapter 5 - GOD the Father Chapter 21 - God is love
Chapter 6 - Jesus, Son of GOD Chapter 22, 23 - The Ten Commandments
Chapter 7 - The Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Chapter 24, 25 - Jesus, our model of prayer
Chapter 8 - The promise of a helper - The Holy Spirit Supplementary Material:
Chapter 9 - Different Gifts, the Same Spirit St Augustine of Hippo
The Apparitions of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother Tertullian
Chapter 10 - Thy Kingdom Come Lineage of Jesus
Chapter 11 - Church Liturgy and Seven Sacraments 1st assignment answer
Chapter 12 - Baptism and Confirmation 2nd assignment answer
Chapter 13 - The Pentecost The movie The Song of Bernadette handout
Chapter 14 - One Bread, One Cup The movie The Mission handout
Chapter 15 - The Corinthians The movie Quo Vadis handout
Chapter 16 - Jesus' Work of Healing The movie Joan of Arc handout

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