Prevent the Crime of Silence

Reports from the sessions of the International War Crimes Tribunal founded by Bertrand Russell.


Selected and edited by Peter Limqueco and Peter Weiss with additional material selected and edited by Ken Coates and a Foreword by Noam Chomsky

© Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Ltd., 1971

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If certain acts and violations of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them. We are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.
     US Supreme Court Judge Robert Jackson, speaking at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal


Jacket Blurb from the Book (1 page)
Noam Chomsky Foreword (21 pages)
Noam Chomsky After Pinkville (28 pages)
Bertrand Russell Speech to the First Meeting of Members of the War Crimes Tribunal (3 pages)
Aims of the Tribunal agreed at the Constituting Session (1 page)


1 Jean-Paul Sartre Inaugural Statement (6 pages)
2 Leon Matarasso Outline of the General Introductory Report (9 pages)
3 Gabriel Kolko The United States in Vietnam, 1944-66: Origins and Objectives of an Intervention (43 pages) 
4 Jean-Pierre Vigier Technical Aspects of Fragmentation Bombs (4 pages)
5 Malcolm Caldwell Report from North Vietnam (9 pages)
6 Lawrence Daly American Bombing in North Vietnam (6 pages)
7 Tariq Ali Report from Cambodia and North Vietnam (5 pages)
8 Martin Birnstingl Report from North Vietnam (4 pages)
9 Henrick Forss Examinations of Victims of US Bombs (4 pages)
10 Do Van Ngoc Testimony (2 pages)
11 Ngo Thi Nga Testimony (2 pages)
12 Hoang Tan Hung Testimony (3 pages)
13 Nguyen Van Dong Testimony for the NLF of South Vietnam (5 pages)
14 John Takman and Axel Höjer Bombardment of Civilians in North Vietnam (5 pages)
15 Abraham Behar Summary Report on the Bombing of the Civil Population of the North (14 pages)
16 Fujio Yamazaki Significance of the Destruction of Dikes in North Vietnam (3 pages)
17 Makato Kandachi Some Facts on Bombing of Dikes (3 pages)
18 Kim-Eng Khouroudeth Report from Cambodia (5 pages)
19 Jean-Paul Sartre Summary and Verdict of the Stockholm Session (10 pages)
20 Bertrand Russell Closing Address to the Stockholm Session (3 pages)


1 Gilbert Dreyfus Napalm and its Effects on Human Beings (9 pages)
2 Masahiro Hashimoto The Napalm Bomb (5 pages)
3 Edgar Lederer Report on Chemical Warfare in Vietnam (23 pages)
4 Thai Binh Danh Testimony (2 pages)
5 Pham Thi Yen Imprisonment and Torture of a Political Prisoner (4 pages)
6 Nguyen Thi Tho Conditions in Diem's Prisons (3 pages)
7 Pham Ngoc Thach Testimony from North Vietnam (6 pages)
8 David Kenneth Tuck Testimony and Questioning (14 pages)
9 Peter Martinsen Testimony and Questioning (23 pages)
10 Donald Duncan Testimony and Questioning (31 pages)
11 Wilfred Burchett The United States and Laos (6 pages)
12 Erich Wulff Testimony from South Vietnam (9 pages)
13 Charles Fourniau Summary Report on the Complicity of Thailand and the Philippines (4 pages)
14 Japanese Commission Report on the Complicity of Japan (8 pages)
15 Lelio Basso Summing-up of the Second Session (21 pages)
16 Summary of the Second Session (6 pages)
17 Jean-Paul Sartre On Genocide (16 pages)
18 Verdict of the Second Session (2 pages)
19 An Appeal to American and World Opinion read by Dave Dellinger (4 pages)
The International War Crimes Tribunal (5 pages)
Afterword from the Editors of the Swedish edition
......and of the English edition (4 pages)
Postscript (8 pages)

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