It was on 21 March 1966, at about 4 P.M. I was cooking the meal. Then the American planes came. They were jets. I heard explosions. I ran to the shelter. But when I got to the door of the shelter, a napalm bomb exploded close to me. It burned my face, {225} my hands and my legs, and the napalm bomb also burnt my house. I was very hot and I cried out: I cried `Help'. Then I fainted. Thirteen days later I woke up again and then I was told that I was in a hospital of the NLF and the doctors told me what had happened. They said that for the first five days I was terribly thirsty. I had been given a lot to drink but I was only able to urinate twice. During these thirteen days I was not conscious, and then I had delirium and I was saying all sorts of things and I moved my arms and legs around.
     Thirteen days after the cure, my wounds began to heal and I was getting better, but then keloids appeared. Keloids appeared on my neck, and it felt very painful when I swallowed. There were also keloids on my hands and therefore I couldn't move my fingers and my hands were crippled. My fingers were bent back. I also had keloids on both legs and every time I walk my wounds become whitish and the scars get hard, and I can't sit down again. When it is cold my scars harden and become purplish. In the summer, holes appear in the scars and therefore I can't perspire because of these holes, and there's pus and every time I try to sleep the scars scratch. I feel as if I wanted to scratch because the scars are itchy. That's all, Mr President.

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