The International War Crimes Tribunal

Bertrand Russell
Honorary President

Jean-Paul Sartre
Executive President

Vladimir Dedijer
Chairman and President of Sessions

Tribunal members

Wolfgang Abendroth
Doctor of Jurisprudence; Professor of Political Science, Marburg University

Gunther Anders
Writer and philosopher

Mehmet Ali Aybar
International lawyer; Member of Turkish Parliament; President, Turkish Workers' Party

James Baldwin
Afro-American novelist and essayist

Lelio Basso
International lawyer; Deputy of Italian Parliament and Member of the Commission of Foreign Affairs; Professor, Rome University

Simone de Beauvoir
Writer and philosopher

Lazaro Cardenas
Former President of Mexico

Stokely Carmichael
Chairman, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee {369}

Lawrence Daly
General Secretary, National Union of Mineworkers

Vladimir Dedijer
M.A. Oxon., Doctor of Jurisprudence; historian

Dave Dellinger
American pacifist; Editor, Liberation; Chairman, Fifth Avenue Parade Committee

Isaac Deutscher

Haika Grossman
Jurist; liberation fighter

Gisele Halimi
Paris lawyer; attorney for Djamila Bouhired; author of works on French repression of Algeria

Amado Hernandez
Poet Laureate of the Philippines; Chairman, Democratic Labor Party; Acting President, National Organization of Philippine Writers

Melba Hernandez
Chairman, Cuban Committee for Solidarity with Vietnam

Mahmud Ali Kasuri
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan

Sara Lidman

Kinju Morikawa
Attorney; Vice-Chairman, Japan Civil Liberties Union

Carl Oglesby
Past President, Students for a Democratic Society; playwright; political essayist

Shoichi Sakata
Professor of Physics

Laurent Schwartz
Professor of Mathematics, Paris University

Peter Weiss
Playwright {370}

Reporters and witnesses, in the order appearing in this book:

Part I

Leon Matarasso
Paris lawyer; President of the Juridical Commission of the Tribunal; member of French legal panel at Nuremberg

Gabriel Kolko
Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

Jean-Pierre Vigier
Physicist; Director of Research at C N R S, Paris; former officer-in-charge of arms inspection under General Lattre de Tassigny

Malcolm Caldwell
Lecturer, School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London; Editor, Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies

Lawrence Daly
General Secretary, National Union of Mineworkers

Tariq Ali
Journalist; Editor, Red Mole

Dr Martin Birnstingl
Consultant Surgeon, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Henrick Forss
Doctor of Medicine, Finnish Institute for Hygiene in Work; consultant of UN World Health Organization

Do Van Ngoc
Schoolchild: witness from North Vietnam

Ngo Thi Nga
Teacher: witness from North Vietnam

Hoang Tan Hung
Rice-grower: witness from North Vietnam

Nguyen Van Dong
NLF Ambassador in Moscow: witness from South Vietnam

John Takman
Director, Child Welfare Board, Stockholm

Axel Höjer
Swedish delegate to UN World Health Organization

Abraham Behar
Assistant, Faculty of Medicine, Paris University

Fujio Yamazaki
Professor of Agriculture, Tokyo University {371}

Makato Kandachi
Member of the Japanese Commission for Investigation of War Crimes in Vietnam

Kim-Eng Khouroudeth
Major, Royal Cambodian Army

Part II

Gilbert Dreyfus
Professor of Biochemistry, Medical School, University of Paris

Masahiro Hashimoto
Doctor of Medicine; Head of the Japanese Commission for Investigation of War Crimes in Vietnam

Edgar Lederer
Professor, Faculty of Sciences, Paris-Orsay

Thai Binh Danh
Farmworker: witness from South Vietnam

Pham Thi Yen
Pharmacist: witness from Saigon

Nguyen Thi Tho
NLF activist: witness from South Vietnam

Pham Ngoc Thach
Minister in Government of DRV; Head of delegation of DRV to Tribunal

David Kenneth Tuck
Former specialist, 4th class, with US 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam

Peter Martinsen
Former interrogator of prisoners, with US 541st Military Intelligence Detachment in Vietnam

Donald Duncan
Former US `Green Beret' in Vietnam

Wilfred Burchett
Australian journalist; author of numerous books on Vietnam

Erich Wulff
Former member of West German Medical Mission to Vietnam; taught medicine at Hue Hospital

Charles Fourniau
French historian and playwright {372}

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