Afterword from the Editors of the Swedish edition

     To make available to readers as much material as can be contained in only one volume, we have refrained from an introductory presentation. The evidence in this book forms only a small part of the reports and statements of witnesses submitted to the Tribunal. We are convinced that a reading of this volume cannot fail to stir the reader. In preparing it, our insight into the way in which the Vietnam war affects our daily existence has become clearer and more profound.
     We owe a debt of gratitude to Bertrand Russell and to the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation for their initiative in setting up the Tribunal and for the work they carried out. We are grateful to the members of the Tribunal's investigation committees, who risked their lives while gathering material; to the witnesses who voluntarily gave evidence, particularly as this may mean a ruined career. The Tribunal would not have taken place in May 1967 without the courageous support of Stellan Arvidson and the Swedish Tribunal committee. We wish to extend our warm thanks to writers, intellectuals, workers, trade unions, actors, artists and scholars - not only for their financial support, but also for the solidarity they have shown; to volunteers from the following organizations: the United FNL Groups, Clarté, the Socialist Union and Young Philosophers for their generous participation; to Joachim Israel, Björner Torsson, John Takman, Christer Hogstedt, Hans Göran Franck, Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss and Erik Eriksson for the time they gave to the Tribunal; to the Danish Bertrand Russell Council for making the session at Roskilde possible.
     We also wish to extend our thanks to the translators. Extracts from the witnesses' statements were often made from tape recordings, and occasionally from interpreters' translations, which {373} caused the transcription of Vietnamese proper names to be doubtful at times. We wish to thank John Duffet for providing the tape recordings. We have also received help from Arlette Elkaim, Russell Stetler Jr, Ulf Oldberg and Patricia Howard.

Peter Limqueco
Peter Weiss

... and of the English edition

     This edition follows the Swedish version very closely. It therefore owes grateful acknowledgements to all the people named in the list already published by Peter Limqueco and Peter Weiss. But their Swedish text was published two years ago, before the exposure of such atrocities as those at My Lai, and before opinion in the West had largely turned to recognize the truth of the charges which had been upheld by the Russell Tribunal. We therefore felt it necessary to include some additional matter, notably some of Russell's articles and appeals following upon the breaking of the `Pinkville' scandal.
     Bertrand Russell was preoccupied with the task of organizing opposition to the continued American presence in Vietnam right up to the moment of his death: and on his desk at the time he died were letters from Prince Sihanouk and the Indian Foreign Minister, both awaiting reply, and both concerning his appeal to U Thant for a UN investigation into American atrocities.
     In addition to publishing some of these last appeals by Russell, we feature in this edition an introduction by Noam Chomsky, which brilliantly sets the context in which the Tribunal has been vindicated.
     We owe especial thanks to Noam Chomsky for this material, and to Barry Feinberg and Janice Ogg, of Continuum One, who are preparing the Russell archives, for their help. We also thank Lawrence Daly and Tariq Ali for permission to publish material which was not included in the Swedish text, and Gabriel Kolko for permission to feature his testimony.
     It would be appropriate, as well, to thank the small army of {374} British people who assisted the work of the Tribunal during times when it was regarded as an entirely subversive and discreditable enterprise by many good people who have since come to see it as an undertaking fully justified by events.

Ken Coates

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